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Spare Change Racing & Customs is an extraordinary motorcycle and automobile custom business. We specialize in making each motorcycle and car reflect the customer's individual style. Every detail is important! Our highly trained and very knowledgeable technicians strive to ensure you are given the best quality of service in a very professional environment.

Bikes: Spare Change Racing Certified Motorcycle Technicians enjoy assisting customers who are interested in a total bike customizing job, including paint and graphics, chroming or powder-coating, exhaust upgrades and even handlebar and swing arm installations. The excitement doesn't stop there, a customer who is interested in improving the performance of their bike can have a dyno-tune completed on the premises. Routine maintenance services including variable mileage services and oil changes are also provided. If a customer can dream it, it can be done.

Cars: Spare Change Racing provides restoration services to classic vehicles. General maintenance and services include oil change, brake jobs, engine rebuilds and even the sale of tires and wheels.Customizing is another option, including 1. Sunroof installation 2. General Maintenance 3. Engine Rebuild 4. Customizing 5. Tires/Wheels

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